8 Ball Pool Mod APK (MOD, Long Lines) V4.9.1 for Android

8 Ball Pool Mod APK (MOD, Long Lines) V4.9.1 for Android

Play with your friends or random players worldwide on various pool tables with unique balls and different cues and get unlimited money and coins in 8 Ball Pool Mod APK. Contemporary experts have modified the classical game developed by Miniclip to enhance the gameplay with modern functions. It is a multiplayer game on various platforms, including mobile devices and web browsers. This game imitates the eight-ball pool, a billiards game with six pockets, and is played on a rectangular table. It is very much related to the real 8 Ball Pool. 

After downloading the latest game, you can play the game by connecting with your social media account or creating a Miniclip account by entering your personal information. It can be played as a guest as well. Connecting the game with social media lets you share your achievements and rewards on Facebook. The game allows you to add friends and direct chat with your opponents on the go.

Moreover, it is a multiplayer game with various modes, such as playing 1-on-1; you can start this mode by spending 100 coins and going to 150M coins. Play Special: Here, the players can play nine balls, tournaments, and lucky shots without guidelines. In Play Minigames, the players can get surprise boxes, spin and win, scratch and win, and random shoots. We know it is multiplayer, and you can challenge your friends to play in different categories or at different prices. Above all, you can practice the game offline as well. Whether you want to play quick matches or long, you can play without an internet connection.

What is 8 Ball Pool Mod APK?

We know the official game of 8 Ball Pool has in-app purchases, insufficient money and coins, and live ads. Although the classical edition is good, it has some things that need fixing, such as paying cash out of your wallet to unlock tables, tournaments, cues, and other tools and features. Considering the above issues, the experts have modified the game with unlimited money and coins, unlocked tournaments, cues, tables, and other stuff without ads, modern graphics and visuals, 3D animations, and more to explore.

The modified version has unlimited money and coins so that you can send them to your friends. Everything is free and unlocked in the application, and the players do not need to buy or purchase anything. The application has unlimited money and coins, so the players can open surprise boxes, cues, and social tables and join elite shops. So download the mod application on our website and make your days more fun with the modified version. Further you all visit our site for downloading other Games like Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 and more.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Mod APK

The modified edition of the traditional game has emerged with tremendous updated features from game visuals to gameplay. Challenge your friends, win the matches, get surprising rewards, and share them on your Facebook account.

The World’s Greatest Virtual Pool Game

8 Ball Pool is a world-popular online pool game. Billions of players have downloaded the game, and it has over twenty-five million worthwhile reviews. The Pool fans play and love it globally because of its realistic 3D gameplay, high-quality graphics, and animations with perfect lighting. 

Challenge Your Friends On The Go

It is packed with multiple modes and has options to add your friends to your friend list for life, chat with them during the process, make reactions on shots, and customize tables, cues, balls, and matches. You can challenge your friends in multiple ways, such as playing 1-on-1 or special in tournaments and leagues. The players can play by spending less money, such as 100 coins and a maximum of 150M. If you win, you will get 150M and can lose the same if you lose the game.

Customization of Tables, Cues, and Balls

The latest version has come out with unlimited money and coins. Thus, you can choose tables, cues, and balls (Solids and Stripes). Tables include London, Sydney, Lisbon, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Toronto, Cannes, and more. Similarly, there are various cues such as Beech Cue, Posh Cue, Snake Cue, Crocodile Cue, Zebra Cue, Vintage Cue, Pine Cue, Cow Cue, Phantom Cue, Walnut Cue, Tiger Cue, Teak Cue, Ruby Cue, etc. Each cue has its price, worth, force, aim, spin, time, and power. Moreover, there are two types of balls: Solids (1-7) and Sripes (9-15).

Multiple Exciting Modes

Multiple modes in the game make it more exciting and enjoyable. Though sometimes players get bored by playing the same thing again and again 8 B, all Pool has multiple modes that need a lifetime to enjoy.

  • Play 1-on-1: There are multiple challenges to play with your friends or with random players in this mod. You can challenge by spending a minimum of 100 coins and up to 150M.
  • Play Special: As the name suggests, whether you want to participate in the tournament or want to play nine balls, you may be played with no guidelines or lucky shots.
  • Minigames: Open surprise boxes, spin and win, scratch and win, and lucky shots are included.
  • Play With Friends: You can go for a friend list and challenge any friends you want on any table. You can also see the win and loss ratio.
  • Practice Offline: Familiarize yourself with the game’s essence and practice as much as possible without an internet connection.

 Realistic and Strategic Game Play

3D gameplay with high-quality graphics and animations, multiple modes, customization of tables and cues, and a PvP real-time game make it more realistic and natural. To win and get more rewards and money depends on your skills, strategies, and abilities. If you play good shots and can understand balls in ‘Play with no guidelines,’ you will be the winner and can increase your level.


8 Ball Pool Mod APK is a modified version that has emerged with unlimited money and coins and unlocked tables, cues, tournaments, leagues, and many other resources. It allows you to challenge your friends anywhere and anytime. You can also play with random players worldwide at your level. It has multiple modes to enjoy the essence of the pool game. Moreover, there are lucky shots, surprise boxes, and lucky spins with time. Download the application and enjoy the game. Game on!

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On our site you can easily download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK (MOD, Long Lines) V4.9.1 for Android. All without registration and send SMS!

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